SA College History

The college has been up and running since 1994. During this time we only offered Beauty courses and it wasn't until 2007 when we introduced Hairdressing into our curriculum.

We have recently had a change of ownership and are now even more excited and passionate about giving quality service to students and ensuring the highest educational standards.

We offer small, relaxed, friendly and interactive classes with competency based assessments to ensure that our learners receive personalized, professional and up to date training.

 Our Fantastic Staff

Our team here at S.A. College of Beauty Hair and Health are highly certified and experienced facilitators who provide a level of education which allows our learners to achieve a high national and international qualification.

They carry through the principal's attitude of being approachable and dedicated, thus equipping the learners with the opportunity to achieve their desired qualification and become an example of the college's high standard of education.

 Choose Us

 We are Nationally and Internationally accredited.
 Established in 1994 - Tradition and experience.
 Friendly, interactive and approachable staff.
 Small relaxed and friendly classes.
 Trainers are committed to ensuring learners achieve their desired qualification.
 Holiday workshops are available to learners needing extra lessons or would like to improve their work at no extra charge.
 Our learners have an opportunity to be placed within Steiner Cruise Liners as well as the many professional brands and salons we work with.
 Design a course curriculum to suit the learner's unique needs.
 Offer a payment structure to suit the guarantor's needs.


 Studying at SA College of Beauty, Hair and Health has been an absolute pleasure, Mel is one of the most caring and passionate person that I've come across in the beauty industry.
The college cares for their students in all aspects from their studies and their venture after studying.
The environment is extremely warm and welcoming there is no pressure and there is no such thing as a "stupid" question. The level of honesty and integrity I personally have not found that in any other colleges.
Being a single mom and studying, SA College of Beauty, Hair and Health has made it possible to get my qualifications with an absolute breeze.  
~ Kayleigh Pelser

 SA College of Hair health and beauty Was a start of new Beginnings for me. I had a dream to become 'The Worlds Best' hairstylist, that will now be true.
My Lecture Mis Smith was the best I could have asked for. She knows how to motivate Her students to 'Become The Best' of who they truly are. She's not just a lecturer, she is a mother to all her students. She will go out of her way to make sure you don't fail yourself.
Hair Dressing isn't just a job and a qualification or just a hairdoo. No, it has to be part of who you are or who you want to be. For me personally, it's not work, it is a joy making poeple feel good about themselves.
If you want to become a successful hairstylist, join SA College of Hair Health and Beauty, to become a stylist or in any field in the beauty industry. Make a success it won't be easy but if you want to you will. What you put into your work is what you'll get out of it.
I just Want to thank SA College and Melanie, Heidi, Caroline and miss Smith for giving me a chance in life time to grow and make a success.
Please enroll now, your dreams and future goals will become a reality at SA College of Hair Health and Beauty Alberton.  
~ Stefan Prinsloo

 Hey there
My name is Nadia, I studied at SA College of beauty hair and health, doing my course in somatology.
I loved my course as it was informative both in theory and interactively, I enjoyed that with every theory lesson there was always an interactive one to help better understand the work. The lectures are amazing, their patience to teach in many different ways to help you understand, they are always willing to help, with extra lessons, papers and activities, their joy in your success.
I would recommend SA college of beauty hair and health for all your beauty and hair knowledge. This industry is so open to learning new things never stop learning, let SA College of beauty hair and health help you in this journey they won't let you down.  
~ Nadia Pistolesi

 I definitely recommend SA College of Beauty, Hair and Health. Melanie, Heidi and my teacher Miss Lunga was such a big help through everything throughout the year and made it so much fun while learning. Can't wait to go back for more studying.  
~ Denise Fourie

 As a student of S.A college before the change over to the current owners. I felt the change in management and overall service.
As a Hairdressing student (class of 2015) I was given all the tools and knowledge to propel my career in the professional direction. S.A. college is dedicated to professionalism as well as value for money.. due to my satisfaction and trust in the knowledge and service I received I recently went back to do some of the short courses they do offer and Once again I am happy with S.A college.  
~ Justine Dunn

 I definitely recommend sa college of beauty hair and health because through them I am a qualified beauty therapist.
Mum Caroline, Melanie and Miss Lunga, during my college time, all this people with a beautiful soul never gave up on me even though it was tough for me. Melanie the principal is not just a teacher but my mentor she make sure you understand what teaches you. Today am working on a cruise ship that I love so much. I have been traveling working and seeing the world while working. Thanks to Sa college nd thanks to the small the staff without you all I will not be where I am today.  
~ Esther Adigbo